Crowd mishandles man after he ejaculated on a woman


– There was drama in a bus after a man allegedly ejaculated on a woman 

– According to the video, the woman wanted the man to pay for his shocking acts which also infuriated other passengers 

A man was harassed by a woman and other passengers after he allegedly ejaculated on the woman in a matatu.

According to the video, the man who was sex-craved, was standing behind the woman in the packed bus with his penis pressed against the woman’s behind, a thing that ended up being too much for him.

He couldn’t handle the pressure and ended up cumming on the woman’s clothes which immediately led to a scuffle with the woman burning in anger.

“Nguo yangu umechafua we kumbafu,” screams the infuriated woman before attacking the man.

She wanted the man to buy her new clothes.

Other passengers insisted the man should be to be taken to the police for his shocking act.

Source : Tuko

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