Mega Gallery for The PSV motorshow & Nganya Awards 2013


The Nganya awards panel was not looking into the flashiness of the vehicles but chose to concentrate on safety.

The Bikers Club of Kenya was recognized for road safety advocacy within the city.

  • Best Overall (Kenya 1): Tela Bang (Kayole route 19-60)
  • Best design: Blacklist (formerly Jabulani/Chicago Bulls: Rongai route 125)
  • Best CBD bus operator: Double M Commuter Services
  • Best 14-seater: MMG (Umoja route 35-60)
  • Best 25-seater: Hustler (Maringo route 10)
  • Best 29-37-seater: Rolling Stone (BuruBuru route 58)
  • Best 49-seater: Tela Bang (Kayole route 19-60)
  • Best 51-seater: Mayhem (Githurai route 45)
  • Best crew: Ciroc (BuruBuru route 58)
  • Best Mombasa bound bus: Spanish (La Face)
  • Best Auto Garage: Moha Graffix (Blacklist/Chicago Bulls/ Jabulani)

Image Credit: Mosgajaz Photography

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