Nairobi gears up for motor show


Kenya’s auto expo has attracted a good number of motor industry players, with 50 per cent of the slots already sold.

The annual CBA Africa Concours d’Elegance motor show set for September 29 aims at showcasing new automotives, spare parts, tyres, accessories, anti-theft devices, suspension systems and fuels

It also targets business to business interactions, through global manufacturers and exporters to increase demand for capital goods such as machinery.chanical goods and accessories.

The market for automobiles is still tilted in favour of import markets with Kenya having bought motor vehicle parts and accessories worth Sh2.79 billion between January and March, cup from the Sh2.50 billion spent in the three months to December.

The number of motorcycles imported increased from 60,218 to 61,075 while rubber tyres, interchangeable tyre treads, flaps and inner tubes declined to 2,463,094 from 3,263,760.

The event will avail a variety of new cars, pick-ups, SUVs and 4 X 4s from motor trade companies like DT Dobie, Isuzu Kenya, Toyota and Nissan Kenya.

In addition to the vehicles, motorcycles and three-wheelers  on show, there will also be an exhibition of  exhaust systems and accessories and a display of the batteries.


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