Nairobi tycoon Kelvin Shaban explains why all his cars have unique 001 number plates


Popular city tycoon Kelvin Shaban is one of the few businessmen in the country whose status has been cemented through the nature of his swanky vehicles.

Shaban, who owns the popular Laviva Lounge, has a wide range of top-class vehicles from Range Rivers to several swanky Mercedes.

One stand out feature of all the vehicles is the fact that they use the same registration.

Having customary plates is not particularly rare in Kenya as the likes of media mogul Chris Kirubi also has his fleet of luxury cars pimped with plates with the initials CK.

What many do not know is that customised plates are quite a costly affair, and one has to part with up to KSh 1 million to be allowed to have them. To have unique standard digits as your number plates costs about KSh 30,000/

For this amount, an ordinary Kenyan would probably be thinking of getting two decent vehicles instead of customising number plates.

With Shaban, he took to explain why he chose to have all his high end vehicles have the same registration at such a hefty fee.

According to the tycoon, having a unique plate for all his vehicles was simply his way of standing out from the rest.

“The customised registration number plates for all my vehicles speaks about my personality. I try to emerge the best in everything I set my hands on. Be it politics, be it business,” he said.

Shaban owns among other vehicles a Toyota Land cruiser, a Range Rover Sport, a Mercedes C class among others.


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