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Quite simple, rinse the car, get a bucket of soapy water, start wiping the cars surface, also get a brush you could use to brush the wheels and rims, rinse it off and your car is clean. We fail to see the minor details that keep our cars’ paint in good condition and looking as new as we got them from the showroom. Here are a couple of pointers when cleaning your car.

Fact: Frequent washing is the single best thing you can do to maintain your vehicle’s finish and preserve its showroom shape.
Fact: Careless washing can leave the paint in worse condition than when you started.

Yes, as simple and easy as a casual carwash seems on a bright Saturday morning, there are subtle pitfalls with which a careless washer could actually harm the finish, leaving scratches or stains that could require extra work to remove. Half the battle is just being aware of the potential problems. Then following through by using the right materials and techniques will make that wash as simple and easy as it should be, while also giving you the spiffy results you want.

If your car has bird droppings, dead bugs, or other obvious contaminants building up on the paint surface, don’t wait for a full wash to get rid of it, especially bird droppings have a high acidity that, if left on the paint for any length of time, can eat into the clear coat. If they reach deep enough, these scars can only be removed by sanding and repainting. Rinse this type of debris off the surface as soon as possible, using either water. Rinse your vehicle off after a period of rainy weather if your region suffers from acid rain. The acidic chemicals in the rainwater will remain on the surface after the droplets have evaporated, leaving a mark that can permanently stain the paint.

Wash Under Cool Conditions: When the sheet metal is hot, don’t wash your car, the soap and waster dry much faster than on a cool surface. This makes the washing process much harder and possibly lead  to a dull finish. Its good to know most people wash cars first thing in the morning.

Avoid House Hold Detergents: Using a house hold detergent on your car is a bad idea, especially OMO, it’s usually harsh on your car’s paint. They can strip off the protective wax coating and possibly dull the paint’s finish. A dedicated carwash formula, on the other hand, is formulated with a milder soap that doesn’t affect the protective coating.

Wash Your Vehicle in Sections: Wash and rinse one area at a time. This will help prevent the sudsy water from drying on the paint before you can rinse it off.

Use a bug-and-tar remover: This  finishes the job. Mild carwash formulas often aren’t tough enough to remove road tar, grease, or similar residues. For this, a strong bug-and-tar remover is necessary. Since this type of grime will usually blacken whatever you use to clean it, it’s advisable to use a separate cloth for this job instead of your sponge.

Final Rinse: A fine spray is preferable for rinsing. In addition, spraying the water on at a low angle will help form a sheet of water that will better cover the contours of the body, plus will keep splashing to a minimum

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  1. Hi, I have just bought a black luxury car and have been reading about how cars that colour are difficult to maintain in tip-top shape. The car has arrived with water spots and has some swirls I want to get rid off. I suppose I can do the job myself because I know what needs to be done, but I’m no expert and I’m lazy. Most car wash joints seem pretty basic — shampoo, water, rag — and I was wondering whether you know of any top-notch detailing shops in Kenya. (The kind of places that can repair damage to the clear coat with claying and such techniques). If so, please write an article about it. Thanks.

  2. Hello Jack,

    It is true that most car washes in Kenya are all about shampoo, water and rug. People prefer to wash their own cars because most of the time no one wants to spend money cleaning it when they can do it themselves but in many cases we don’t know the right stuff for our car bodies. I sent you an email earlier hope you received it and it was of assistance to you. Thanks for the comment and we hope to do business with you.


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