How To Demist Your Windscreen In Double-Quick



The long rains are currently pounding; meaning motorists windscreens are getting misty and foggy.

Misting is caused by water vapour condensing on the screen. Stop the battle and fight with rags.

Switch on the air conditioning and direct the heater blast at the windscreen. The air-con will blow-dry out the air, removing any moisture.

Use this in conjunction with the heater. Hot air will dry the glass a little through evaporation. Keep A/C on to keep the atmosphere inside dry. If you don’t have a clever climate control system, driving along with the windows down in non rain conditions could actually help clear the windows faster.


Start the heater off cold, and then slowly increase the temperature as the air dries out, rather than overloading the cabin with hot, ‘wet’ air.

Try to find a temperature and humidity that’s comfortable but doesn’t mist up the cabin. Just don’t move off until all glass surfaces on your vehicle are clear.

It’s dangerous and illegal if visibility is hampered.


Source: Motorist Association of Kenya

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