Kenyan drivers to pay more insurance for rogue driving

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DESPITE the hue and cry that always follows grisly road accidents, little is done (in Kenya) by way of remedy besides the fines that vehicle owners are all too happy to pay for their rogue drivers.

That is why new insurance rules to encourage drivers to prevent crashes are welcome. All owners will start five-year cycles paying the equivalent of 7.5% of the value of their vehicles. This will fall to a minimum of 3.85% by the fifth year. Motorists involved in crashes will lose the discounts and revert to the rate of 7.5%.

While we welcome this and other rules that were unsuccessfully challenged in court by matatu (minibus) operators, more is needed. Kenya can learn from other nations, which give credits or subtract points from drivers, and those who lose a given number are barred. The transport ministry should devise regulations that reward good drivers and make it not worthwhile for rogue drivers to be on the road. This calls for increased surveillance, which means traffic police must re-establish their authority.

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