Cops nab 800 people in traffic operation


Police officers in Makueni have arrested more than 800 people in two weeks for allegedly violating traffic rules.

County commissioner Maalim Mohamed (pictured) on Saturday said 65 vehicles have been impounded. The government has collected more than Sh4.2 million revenue in the crackdown.

“Our target is not to generate revenue but to bring sanity to our roads. The operation will continue and it must be sustained,” Mohamed said during a security meeting at Makueni Boys High School.

Some offenders have been fined and others detained. Four vehicles have also been impounded after their owners failed to show up at police stations.

“We won’t allow police stations to be dumpsites. If owners of impounded vehicles do not follow up with the police, then there is a procedure to dispose of them,” Mohamed said.

They have also been targeting boda boda riders. Mohamed warned the riders against carrying more than one passenger and operating without helmets and other safety gear. He cautioned that officers taking bribes will be punished.

“Let’s be satisfied with what the government pays us. If you want to make more money, try business but don’t be associated with this business of taking Sh100 illegally,” he told the security officers.

Senior police officers and deputy and assistant county commissioners attended.


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