Disturbing Footage of Woman Rammed by Matatu Draws Condemnation [VIDEO]


Shocking CCTV footage has emerged showing a woman getting knocked down in Nairobi

The video came to light when it was posted by a social media watchlist group Thika Town Today on Tuesday, February 11, indicating that the incident had taken place on January 31.

“This is the CCTV footage of how Winnie Wanjiku Maina was knocked by a matatu on Mama Ngina Street Thika on 31/1/2020. She is now at the Kenyatta National Hospital in need of Ksh285,000 to enable her to undergo urgent surgery,” the statement accompanying the video reads.

The social media group announced that the matatu had lost control and rammed into the woman who was attempting to cross the road when the ill-fated accident took place.

A screenshot of the video posted on February 11, 2020, portraying the accident scene in Nairobi that sent the woman to hospital.

A screenshot of the video posted on February 11, 2020, of the accident scene that saw a pedestrian seriously injured and admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital in need of surgery.

In the video, the victim is seen walking into a shop on one side of the streets as the matatu stands idle on the side of the tarmac.

An unidentified person then emerges from the passenger side and heads to the driver seat which is hidden from view by a low roof where the CCTV camera is located.

As soon as she comes out of the shop, the matatu starts and rams into her, throwing her to the ground and running over her before ramming into the stalls at the side of the road.

The accident caused a myriad of reactions from Kenyans on social media, many of who felt that the video showed deliberateness on the part of the driver to ram into the woman.

“This is a clear case of attempted murder! Methinks the matatu driver was after her life,” Onchiri Isaac states.

I have rewinded [sic] and reviewed this clip like 7 times [to] just see what the matatu was doing moments before the lady appears on the scene. I am of the view someone has a serious case to answer here,” Abdi added.

“Sometimes when you panic in an automatic [vehicle], you never really know whether you’re stepping on the brake or the gas pedal. It’s just different in an automatic. In an accident, however, this happens,” another user opined.

The video has been shared widely on social media with appeals to members of the public to help fundraise for the victim to enable her to undergo the much-needed surgery.

SOURCE: kenyans.co.ke

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