How to Register For The E-License That Has Your Blood Group Recorded


Do you already have your new generation smart Driving License (E-license) or you are meandering waiting for the Government to declare the old ones null and void for you and other Kenyans to start forming the long queues at NTSA?

Motorists who are arrested for not having their driving licenses with them are drivers who have misplaced them hence the reason why the e-license is an amazing idea.

The process of owning the Smart Driving License (E-license) remains new to most motorists who are still holding on to the old version of driving licenses but once your driving license expires, you will be forced to apply for the e-license.

Below is a breakdown of how to apply for your E-license

The new generation smart driving licenses began being produced in April 2018 by the Transport authority and they are able to tell your blood group and a point where your points are deducted upon each traffic offense.

To get your E-license:

Register on the Transport Information Management System (TIMS) website by opening your browser and direct it to (you will be presented with three options)

To register on TIMS:

Click on the ‘Register an Account’ link which will take you to the ‘e-Register an Account page’

Click on the Individuals option

It will prompt you to dial your ID Serial Number, please be keen not to dial your ID number instead.

Input your KRA PIN Number

Input your Mother’s Maiden Name

Input your Occupation and Phone Number

Request verification code by clicking on the button just next to the phone number

Input the code you receive on your phone in the verification tab to complete the verification process

You are now registered on the TIMS platform so go back to the home page and Sign In to change your password from where you can now:

Click on the “driving license” menu and select “Apply for smart DL”, it will cost you 3,050 shillings to have your e-license

Book an appointment with the NTSA to have your passport photo and fingerprints captured

Please note that your e-license will be ready for collection in five working days since the day of registration if you indeed follow up the steps promptly and go to have your fingerprint and passport taken on time.

Register for the new driving license and join the new generation in having control over your fingertips.


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