KRA official, five others arrested over suspected theft of car engine


A Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officer attached to the Kisumu office is among five suspects being held by police over the theft of an engine from an impounded motor vehicle. He is being interrogated alongside a mechanic and three security guards.

Kisumu County CID officer Geoffrey Kathurima said the five suspects would appear in court to face charges related to the offence committed on Tuesday night.

The revenue officer is said to have colluded with the watchmen guarding the premises to sneak in a mechanic who dislodged the engine of a Toyota Prado at the yard situated at the KRA customs office next to Kamas Juakali.

The Standard established that a senior KRA officer fingered in the collusion could also be interrogated over the incidence. The sports utility vehicle had been impounded about a year earlier on suspicion of having been smuggled into the country from Uganda and given a fake Kenyan number plate.

Inside sources said five guards were offered Sh10, 000 each to cover the operation carried out under the cover of darkness.

“However, one declined the bribe and tipped police. The Flying Squad Unit officers were dispatched and at 2am, arrests were made,” said an inside source who sought anonymity. Police did not confirm claims that one of the guards implicated in the theft escaped the police dragnet.

Mr Kathurima, who is away on leave only confirmed that five people had been arrested and were being interrogated. The engine was recovered, he said.

Several cars are lying at the yard, having been impounded for various reasons, including those used in smuggling of contraband, those suspected to have been stolen.



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