Police shoot, deflate drunk judge’s car in mistaken carjacking incident


– Justice Muya was reported missing by his wife, Haureliwa Mbulwa.

– She told the police she had talked to her husband at around 10pm and he had promised to make it home

– Judge Muya, however, did not show up prompting her to report the matter – His son who monitored the car on phone said it was making suspicious movements

– Police intercepted it, shot and inflated it tyre thinking he had been kidnapped

– After search, the judge was found inside the car alone and heavily drunk around Kileleshwa area Police shot and deflated Justice Martin Muya’s car on Tuesday, August 27, suspecting he had been hijacked.

Muya’s wife, Haureliwa Mbulwa, had reported him missing at the Kilimani Police station on Monday.

According to a police report, Mbulwa said she had talked to her husband on phone and he indicated he was heading to their residence along Dennis Pritt Road at about 10pm.

She then waited until 4am but the judge did not get home with all calls to his phone going unanswered.

The matter was reported to police after the judge’s son, Benjamin Mati, monitored his car’s movements on phone and noticed a suspicious movement from one point to another within Nairobi. The family suspected he had been carjacked.

Police circulated the car’s registration numbers and a search started leading to recovery of the vehicle in Kileleshwa area where police shot and immobilised it.

Justice Muya of Bomet High Court was found alone in the car, looking drunk, police said. He denied being carjacked and his car was towed to Kilimani police station.

SOURCE: nation.co.ke

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