The need for (less) speed


A complete review of the speed limits under Queenstown Lakes District Council control is being proposed at today’s council meeting.

Councillors will be asked to adopt the Statement of Proposal, which included the proposed Speed Limits Bylaw 2019 and recommended permanent speed limit network maps, and open the proposal up for community consultation. The new Speed Limits Bylaw 2019 will enable council to review and set speed limits across the district that are enforceable under the Land Transport Act 1998 by the New Zealand Police.

The proposal suggests urban traffic areas across the district, including in Wanaka, Albert Town, Hawea, Luggate and Cardrona change from 50kph to a permanent speed limit of 40kph.

The journey to Queenstown may also take longer if the proposed changes are accepted, with the speed limit dropping from 100kph to 80kh on the Cardrona Valley Road from Wanaka township to the distillery and ski field turn off. The limit will also be lower from the State Highway 6 junction to the Cardrona side of the Crown Range summit, with a 60kph limit proposed apart from a small section of the road which will be 80kph.

Also proposed under the “high benefit opportunities to reduce deaths and serious injury” category is a reduction of the limit on Wanaka-Mount Aspiring Road from 100kph to 80kph on the sealed and unsealed portions of that route.

Aubrey Road, which after a trial period reduced the speed from 70kph to 50kph, will move to 60kph from the Anderson Road turnoff to the Albert Town roundabout if the changes are accepted.

The speed limits on Ballantyne Road will also be reduced, starting off at 40kph past the police and fire stations and the Golf Course Road turnoff before increasing to 50kph until the Riverbank Road junction and increasing again to 60kph until it meets the state highway.

The community will be able to give feedback on the proposed bylaw and proposed permanent speed limits before they are set. Submissions will close at 5pm, April 12.

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