Video: What is a lion doing in Pakistani man’s car?


Drivers in Pakistan were taken by surprise as they heard an unusual roar on the streets of Karachi.

A video of two Pakistani brothers driving around Karachi with their pet lion in the backseat has gone viral.

The brothers, who run a restaurant, claim that the 26-month-old lion was born on their farm, and after his mother stopped feeding the cub, they took the responsibility of raising the big cat, Daily Mail reported.

They named him Simba – after the Disney character in The Lion King – and consider him to be a part of their family.

Simba accompanies them on their walks and rides to the market. However, he stays in the car to prevent people on the street from stealing him – or him causing any harm to people.

” am not scared of living with him as he is like my younger brother or baby. I put my hands in his mouth, cuddle and caress him and he loves that,” said one of the brothers.

Simba, a Maasai lion, are found in east African countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania and have been extinct in Pakistan since the mid 1800s.

The government, however, issues special permits to import wild animals.

Commenting on his diet: ‘I feed him the best of meats. Simba eats five kilos of beef daily and sometimes I feed him goat meat too. However, he dislikes chicken and never eats it.’
Hassan is now looking for a female partner for his lion.

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