Donnie McClurkin hospitalized after bad car wreck


Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin was hospitalized after getting into a car accident early Thursday morning.


The minister admits he “lost consciousness” while driving late at night and crashed into the concrete island, according to

McClurkin is currently recovering from his injuries. He shared the experience on Facebook from his hospital bed:

“Was in a serious accident at 12:50 am this morning…passed out while driving on the highway. Totaled the car … hospitalized, going through a myriad of tests … But I’m alive!!!”

The singer hit a concrete island in the middle of the road, according to the entertainment publication. He also said there were two people — whom he calls “two human angels” —who were behind him before the vehicle crashed and came to get him out.

“Lost consciousness driving … but two human angels followed my swerving car with their emergency blinkers onto [sic] stop traffic …. drove behind me until my car crashed into the middle concrete island. I remember none of it except those two angels pulling me out of the passengers [sic] side of the crumbled TOTALED car … airbags deployed … crushed metal and Fiberglas [sic]!!

McClurkin is suffering from a sprained wrist, an injured knee, and had to receive stitches on his thumb.

The television personality did not indicate where the accident took place.

Attempts to reach McClurkin, 59, were not successful. As news of the accident spread on Thursday, many offered prayers and well wishes to the singer.

“GLORY TO GOD!!! We’re so thankful that the Lord had His graceful hand on your life McClurkin. We’re praying for healing and a speedy recover[y] in JESUS name, AMEN!” wrote the WORD Network.

“So glad Donnie is doing okay!” wrote legendary radio host Tom Joyner on Facebook.

It appears that McClurkin will be well enough to fly to Kenya for a worship event slated for Saturday in that country.

According to Capital FM Kenya, McClurkin said he knows God wants him to be in Kenya on Saturday.

“I know God has a purpose for me on this trip and is going to do a powerful thing in Nairobi. I am truly thankful for all those in Nairobi who are praying for me and my message to them is — come let us rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice for we have the victory. See you on Saturday,” McClurkin said in a statement.



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