Matatu Owners & Boda Boda Endorse Uhuru, Say He Has Performed

President Uhuru Kenyatta with deputy president addressing a media briefing at Jubilee headquarters Apr 27 2017./MONICAH MWANGI

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reelection bid has received a boost after public transport operators threw their weight behind him.

The Matatu Owners’ Association National Governing Council last week passed a resolution to back the President. Coordinator Albert Karagacha said a delegate conference has been called next week to cement the NGC’s resolution.

“The President has helped since he was elected. He has supported our saccos and nurtured young people to enter the matatu business,” he said.

Karagacha yesterday said sanity has been restored in the public transport industry with the introduction of the saccos.

He addressed the press in Nairobi.

Karagacha said roads have been improved in the last four years.

“We have not witnessed strikes and other lawlessness that we used to see in the past. Now we can dialogue with the government and control ourselves because of the saccos,” he said.

Karagacha continued, “We are going to mobilise all our workers, drivers, conductors and everyone else. We will even offer free transport if that will help the President get the votes.”

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