BREAKING: Uhuru saves ‘smartly dressed’ female police cop



Then he said, “let the woman be”, with these four words, President Uhuru Kenyatta may have yet again solved another ‘storm’ in his Jubilee Alliance government of jets, journalists and joblessness  when he ordered the deputy Inspector of policewomen Grace Kaindi to ‘not interfere’ with the hottest police ‘girl’ in the former police force – now police service – of the republic of Kenya.

From the time an ass-orgling photo-journalist took a mugshot of the rear of this police woman, already identified as Linda Okello, the whole police force force has reacted with haste, agility and alertness which beats both sides of the human logic. One may even be tempted to believe the Linda kept the Sh 27 billion pellets of  heroin intercepted, ane emptied  in Indian Ocean, between her ass skin and the police skirt she wore on the fateful day.

Of course this is sickening.

All top police cops, including the very old with wrinkled butts and stressed boobs are scavenging a piece of Linda. She will be humiliated, charged and, at worst, demoted.

On a more serious note, the police force should avoid pettiness. The fight against petty crime can be won by putting more admirable policewomen on duty, rather than skating around. Kenya Today has been informed the lady has been charged with truancy, or indecency or both. Bullcrap.



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