Drivers prepare for 2016 KCB Rally in Kisumu

Frank Tundo dodges a deep gully dug by rainwater, Kenya.
  • Kisumu is gearing up to host the 2016 KCB Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) in less than a fortnight
  • The Safari Rally, which was to be take place over the Easter period, was postponed due to logistical reasons
  • Finland’s Tapio Laukkanen leads the overall standings with 25 points after winning in the Kajiado event in his Subaru Impreza

Kisumu is preparing to host the 2016 KCB Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) in less than a fortnight.

The Safari Rally, which was to take place over the Easter period in March, was postponed due to technical reasons.

Competitors and rally fans are awaiting for the lakeside event missing out on KNRC since the KCB Kajiado Rally in February, this year.

The KCB Rally is usually 283.63km long of which, 142.14km will be competitive distance divided into three main spectator stages through Nucleus, Simba and Kobonyo.

The other sections will be done twice while the Simba stage will only be done once.

To ensure safety during the race, the organisers will only allow fans into the Nucleus Stage, while the other two sections will be closed to the public.

The Nucleus Stage will be the longest with 47.34kms to compete, while the shortest will have 8.54km.

Meanwhile, the standing on the rally table have also been stagnant because only one of the eight rounds of the 2016 KCB-sponsored series has taken place.

Finland’s Tapio Laukkanen tops overall standings with 25 points after emerging victorious in the Kajiado event in his Subaru Impreza.

Former national and Safari Rally champion, Ian Duncan occupies the second place with 21 points followed by reigning champion Jassi Chatthe in the third with 18 points.


  1. Tapio Laukkanen 25,
  2. Ian Duncan 21,
  3. Jaspreet Chatthe 18,
  4. Manvir Baryan 15,
  5. Baldev Chager 12,
  6. Onkar Rai 10,
  7. Rajbir Rai 8,
  8. Jasmeet Chana 6,
  9. Izhar Mirza 4,
  10. Farhaaz Khan 3,
  11. Jonathan Somen 2,
  12. Eric Bengi 2,
  13. Jansher Sandhu 2,
  14. Adil Mirza 2,
  15. Chandrakant Devji 2,
  16. Sammy Nyorri 2,
  17. Leonardo Varese 2,
  18. Ramesh Vishram 2,
  19. Rehan Shah 2,
  20. Gurmit Thethy 2,
  21. Natasha Tundo 2,
  22. Imran A Khan 2,
  23. Kimaru Boit 2,
  24. Edward Maina 2,
  25. Dinesh Sachania 2.

Formula Two:

  1. Eric Bengi 25,
  2. Sammy Nyorri 21,
  3. Leonardo Varese 18,
  4. Gurmit Thethy 15

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