Female Senator Causes Drama inside Ruto’s Helicopter

Deputy President William Ruto arriving for a past event

Nominated Senator Martha Wangari forced herself into the helicopter and refused to leave, moments before the plane flew Ruto and other leaders to another venue.

The UDF Senator is said to have entered the plane uninvited and occupied a seat reserved for Bahati Member of Parliament (MP) Kimani Ngunjiri.

According to Mr Ngunjiri, the DP tried to intervene requesting the Senator to leave but she was adamant.

“We wasted 20 minutes pleading with Senator Wangari but she stayed put. The Deputy President had to order his pilot to come back for me after it was evident that Wangari won’t budge,” he stated.

Ngunjiri had reportedly flown with Ruto to Kongasis for a fundraiser which the Senator had also attended. After the event, Ms Wangari got into chopper and refused to alight.

A seemingly irritated Ngunjiri accused Ms Wangari, who is set to vie for the Gilgil parliamentary seat, of seeking recognition in the wrong manner.

“Even if leaders are seeking recognition and want to be seen as influential and well connected, they should carry themselves with dignity and decorum,” Ngunjiri was quoted by a local daily.

On her part, the nominated leader dismissed the incident as a trivial matter which had been blown out of proportion.

“It was a small incident. The DP invited me to fly with him after the function and when Ngunjiri arrived at the chopper he was advised to get space in the other helicopter that happened to be full,” she explained.

Two weeks ago, DP Ruto experienced another incident in which his pilot lost direction mid-air forcing him to make an emergency landing in the volatile Kapedo area.

The deputy Head of State was later rescued after another helicopter was sent to airlift him.

Source : Kenyans

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