Hottest matatu in Nairobi with air conditioning system


City mathrees are stuffy and poorly aerated. It is easy to suffocate especially on a hot afternoon. Ask anyone who is a regular commuter and they will confess nothing is a annoying as hopping into a mathree that is smelly.

However, the mathree, Adele, plying from city Centre to Mlolongo is changing the script.

They have invested in air conditioning to cool their passengers off.

Adele, which has been in operation for over a month has won many loyal customers.

Speaking to Ma 3 culture, Gabriel Mbugua, the driver, said that they have attracted different clients.

“Most of our passengers are young ladies who now book a seat in advance. Business is doing very well,” he said.

The mathree has 42- inch LED screen in front and four others that are placed at the back.

It also has three woofers and twelve mid-range speakers.

– Source: Standard Digital 

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