Nairobi, Kenya: Passengers Robbed On Christmas Eve


Several passengers were Tuesday night robbed of their cash and valuables in an attack on their minibus along Thika Road, Nairobi.

The bus was headed for Kahawa West estate but was taken over by eight gunmen near Survey area and commandeered to Gatundu where the other passengers were robbed. Police say about six passengers were injured in the incident and treated and discharged from a local hospital.

Nairobi police boss Benson Kibue said they had mounted operations to look for the gang after learning about the attack in vain. “They had posed as passengers before they struck and we understand some passengers were injured in the struggle.

We always advise passengers to cooperate with such people,” he said. The robbers escaped soon after robbing the passengers and a hunt on them is ongoing. And Hundreds of passengers were on the eve of the Christmas stranded at various bus stops in Nairobi after the government banned night bus services.

Police had difficult times in keeping at bay thugs who wanted to rob the passengers. Some were robbed in the confusion. The passengers had arrived at the offices ready to leave for the festivities but were informed of the ban evoking emotions.

The government announced new rules that require drivers of night buses to be issued with licenses. This affected those who were planning to travel using the buses countrywide.


Source: STANDARD Digital

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