NTSA to de-register 109 illegally imported vehicles

Vehicles with same registration number at Traffic headquarters after they were nabbed.

NTSA in collaboration with the revenue authority will de-register 109 vehicles that were fraudulently imported in the country.

Addressing the press at Lilian Towers in Nairobi on Tuesday, KRA commissioner general John Njiraini said only 12 out of the 121 vehicles identified to have been illegally imported had been verified and approved.

“The major set back has been the court injunctions that have barred us from taking action against the said vehicles,” he said.

In a move to curb the rising fraudulent registration of vehicles, NTSA will roll out electronic stickers in September after a successful pilot on 125 vehicles.

NTSA’s Francis Mejja said the stickers, which will be bought at Sh500, will electronically validate the data about the vehicle’s registration number, its owner, and color, among other key identity features.

“For the last two years, we have been working on a new system, we have done a pilot and tested 25,000 vehicles including motorcycles across the country. We have confidence that we can officially launch the system,” he said.

Source : http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2016/07/19/ntsa-to-de-register-109-illegally-imported-vehicles_c1389156


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