NTSA has failed, should be disbanded, says senator Mong’are

Police and NTSA officials at an inspection point along Thika superhighway on July 29

TSA should be disbanded for failing to contain road carnage , Nyamira Senator Kennedy Mong’are has said.

Mong’are said the authority has been engaging in supremacy battles with the traffic department instead of addressing the root cause of road accidents.

“They are busy competing with the traffic officers yet they have no training in policing,” Mong’are told journalists in Parliament on Thursday.

He said there has been an upsurge of road accidents across the country in the last three months despite the agency’s tough rules and regulation including the introduction of speed cameras and breathalysers to check on drunk drivers.

“It is unfortunate that the authority has mounted ‘extortion tolls’ along major highways where they collect bribes from matatu operators. They have also allowed illegal use of private vehicles as [public] service vehicles,” the Senator said.

He said while the agency’s mandate is to enforce road safety measures, the authority’s current engagements amount to usurping the powers of the police.

“They are racing on the roads with high-end vehicles in supersonic speeds trying to chase traffic offenders yet that is not their work, they have failed to mount road safety campaigns that can save lives,” he said.

NTSA recently leased 45 vehicles from Kenyan dealer of French automaker Peugeot, Urysia, to boost their patrols.

Source : http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2016/07/28/ntsa-has-failed-should-be-disbanded-says-senator-mongare_c1394395

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