ACCIDENT: Runaway lorry slams into 15 cars leaving 7 dead in Ndenderu




Seven people lost their lives and several more got injured in a freak accident at Wangige-Limuru road junction in Ndenderu, Kiambu county on Sunday, June 3.

The driver of a sand lorry reportedly lost control of the vehicle and rammed into more than 10 cars, police said.

According to a report by the Star, the list of the cars involved in the accident include;

1. KCC 308V Isuzu lorry

2. GKA 554S Toyota Landcruiser

3. KAJ 952GT/Station Wagon

4. KBU 213D T/Station wagon

5. KBP 742k N/Double Cab

6. KBH 929u N/Matatu

7. KBY 510M T/saloon

8. KBJ 189M T/Saloon

9. KCE 088T T/Saloon

10.KCD 528L T/Saloon

11.KMDM 153W M/cycle Captain

12 UNknown Wreckage M/v.

The accident has happened just hours after seven students were killed and others wounded in a grisly road accident in Kisii town.

he crash happened on Kisii-Kilgoris road at Etora area, and involved two other vehicles; a canter and a saloon car.

One of the vehicles involved in Ndenderu accident.
One of the vehicles involved in Ndenderu accident.

The saloon car was on its way from Ogembo town to Kisii when it collided head-on with the Noah.

According to reports, the accident took place while the driver of the Noah attempted to overtake the canter causing a head-on collusion with the saloon car. The canter then rammed into the Noah, resting on top of it.

A new study in March showed that the number of deaths as a result of road carnage rose to 3,282 in 2016 alone, which is a 21% increase to those recorded same time last year.

According to NTSA director General Francis Mejja, most of the accidents were as a result of speeding, drunken driving and pedestrians crossing at non-designated areas.

He added that 1,220 deaths were recorded in January, 1,474 in February and 589 in the first two week of this month.

Mejja said pedestrians continue to record the highest number of fatalities followed by bodaboda operators and their passengers.


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