Human error caused Kisii, Ndenderu accidents, Meja says, warns of tough measures

National Transport and Safety Authority director general Francis Meja addresses the media at the authority's office in Upper Hill, Nairobi, July 4, 2016. /EMMANUEL WANJALA

The horrific Kisii and Ndenderu accidents that claimed twelve lives over the weekendresulted from human error, the NTSA has said.

Director general Francis Meja said at the authority’s office on Monday that the driver of the Toyota Noah in the Kisii accident had been speeding.

Meja said he also made a careless attempt of overtaking a canter before he collided head-on with a saloon car.

“We are still investigating to establish if the driver was licensed because most of the documentation was destroyed in the accident,” he said in Upper Hill, Nairobi.

“We have also not ruled out alcoholism as a cause of the accident.”

The sole survivor, a Kenyatta University student identified only as Mercy, said a different dirver had taken over before the crash. She said both had licences.

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Regarding the Ndenderu accident, Meja said the lorry that rammed into 14 vehicles leaving four dead, may have had a brake failure.

e said investigations have also revealed the lorry had no inspection certificate.

Meja said the authority will enforce a clause for drivers involved in accidents lose 14 points on their licences. This may result in six-month suspensions.

“We have already started enforcing it… Some A class drivers have already lost their points and are no longer on our roads,” he said.

“That is the only way we are going to help reduce road carnage,” he also said and noted that all motorists are responsible for road safety.

The director general noted the number of road crashes increased by 5.9 per cent from January to July 4

“Last year at a time like this we had lost 1,513 people. This year we have lost 1,602,” he said.

On alco blow gadgets, he said: “Instead of concentrating on knowing where the NTSA carries out tests, why not concentrate on not drinking with the intention of driving? This is serious.”

Meja said the authority NTSA will will also create more public awareness on road safety.

“The authority and other relevant government agencies will continue to enforce the law. Any persons violating laws, including passengers, drivers, and owners of these vehicles will face legal action,” he said.

“Consider using licensed passenger service vehicles especially when travelling to areas you are not familiar with.”

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