Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Reducing Car Pollution

With the demand for cars in Kenya rising every day, so is the level of air pollution. Vehicles contribute to this evil at a very high level. But there are many ways of helping reduce the amount of pollution caused by car emissions.

Bug and Tar remover : Preserving your car paint finish

Inorder for you to make the best of your Journey and still keep your car looking as good as ever, a bug and tar remover is essential. Here are some of the things pose a threat to the look of your car.

Women ‘worse’ than men at car maintainance

Women are worse than men in performing basic car maintenance tasks, a survey has suggested. As many as 12 per cent of wom...

Organasing your car interior in 5 Steps

Some car owners spend most of their day in their cars as compared to their homes and yet they neglect theri vehicles when it...

Simple car care tips

Many of us have questions on how many times their cars should be washed, detailed and also waxed. Here are the basic body needs..

How to give your old car new life

The old adage “a clean car runs better” may hide a profound truth. It may be that people who take the trouble to keep their car..