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NTSA Car Logbook Search

NTSA / KRA Online Car Logbook Search for motor vehicles in Kenya. Motor Vehicle Copy of Records Search, NTSA/KRA Logbook Search, NTSA Vehicle Search Online, KRA Motor Vehicle Search Form, NTSA/KRA, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure · Kenya Revenue Authority.

We process your application through NTSA/KRA on your behalf and make delivery of the necessary documents to you more efficiently.

This service is available round the clock - 24/7.

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NTSA / KRA Logbook Car Search Details

The NTSA / KRA Car Logbook Search / Copy of Records provides you with the details listed below that will enable you to confirm with the sellers documents before purchase:

  • Name of the owner
  • Make of the vehicle
  • Year of manufacture
  • Engine Capacity
  • Vehicle Body Type
  • Color of the vehicle
  • Registered Logbook Number
  • Registered Engine Number
  • Registered Chassis Number


View a sample of the KRA Car Search copy of records report (107kb)

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