KRA Import Duty Calculator

This Duty Calculation Portal is provided by Auto Kenya Ltd.


KRA Car Import Duty Calculator

The KRA Import Duty Calculator platform will help you calculate the amount of duty payable on importation of second hand motor vehicles to Kenya based on KRA’s latest CRSP database. Get to see all KRA Import Duty costs payable to the Port of Mombasa, Container Freight Station (CFS), KRA including the shipping line and registration.

We are proud to inform you that Kenya Car Bazaar Ltd. has partnered with Molo Freighters Ltd. to remove the headache of calculating the KRA Import Duty costs. Inline with our mission to bring innovative services to our clients, we have partnered with several clearing and forwarding companies based in Mombasa who process and handle all our motor vehicle imports.



Calculating Duty

  • Use the details of the car you want to import
  • Register with us or login before using the application
  • Indicate if car was previously registered in Kenya or not.
  • Select the year of 1st registration
  • Depreciation will automatically be filled in
  • Select the body type of the car
  • Select the make and model of the car
  • Select the fuel type and engine capacity
  • The CRSP value will automatically be filled
  • Enter the CBM, wight in Kgs & current US$ exchange rate (CBM & weight can be blank)
  • Click on Calculate Duty and results appear below

Why use our Services

  • Dealing with credible and registered suppliers.
  • All the stock is current and updated.
  • Kenya Car Bazaar Ltd. will handle the complete process of shipping, clearing and delivery.
  • Our duty calculation application is up to date with the K.R.A. system for duty calculation
  • Free and accurate duty calculation available
  • You get to deal with one organisation for everything
  • Quick turn around time
  • Access to shipping line informaion (i.e. ETA)
  • Regular updates regarding your order.

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