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Access Guide

Guide to USS Auto Auction

Guide to GAO Stock

USS Auto Auction

USS Auto Auction is the largest used car auction group in Japan. It now holds 25 auctions with over 50,000 cars for sale every week across Japan. Now you can search for cars yourself instantly and easily by clicking on the following link and using our login password. On this site you can see the basic specs and auction pictures of cars coming up to auction over the following week at USS.

Steps for browsing cars at USS auction:

1. Open the URL and input the ID C43331

2. Search for the car you want by proceeding through steps 1 through 4 as shown below.

3. View the complete details for vehicles by clicking on the Detail button on the left side of the screen.

4. If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle, click on the Contact button in the Details page. This will open an email message to which you can use to contact JAD about the vehicle. Please always be sure to include the ID of the vehicle in your message.

Note: You are unable to view information such as start price, market prices, auction sheets in the USS auction site. We provide this information only to the customers who have paid the deposit and started the purchasing process.

GAO Stock

Gulliver (or “GAO Stock”) is a company that sells car on a fixed price basis and is a very good source of cars that often do not make it to auction. They have up to 5,000 cars on offer at any time which can be searched by JAD customers using our dealer account.
* Be aware that you must have a deposit or be a regular buyer to receive further information about or purchase GAO Stock.

Step for browsing cars at GAO Stock:

1. Open the URL and input the User ID V24628.

2. Use the Vehicle Search form to locate vehicles you might be interested in.

3. For vehicles you are interested in buying, click on the E-Mail (Inquiry) link at the top of the details page.