Logbook Transfer of Ownership

Delivery in 10 working days.

NTSA / KRA Transfer of Ownership

Get your NTSA / KRA motor vehicle transfer processed together with the Logbook Transfer Form C from the previous owner and have your new Logbook with your details within 5 Working Days.  The application will be processed through NTSA / KRA on your behalf and deliver the necessary documents to you efficiently.

This service is provided on Weekdays from 7am – 5pm. and Saturdays from 7.30am – 12.30pm.
Our courier person will collect and drop the documents if you are within Nairobi.

This service is available round the clock - 24/7.

Car Insurance


  1. Conduct an Online NTSA Car Search to ensure the current logbook details are correct
  2. Fill in the Application form below
  3. Confirm you have all the necessary documents
    1. Original Logbook
    2. Duly filled KRA Transfer Form C by both the car seller and buyer
    3. Copies of ID for both seller and buyer
    4. Copies of PIN for both seller and buyer
    5.  - If buying from an organisation Copies of both Certificate of Registration and PIN for both organisation (seller) and buyer.