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Oct 7th, 2010 | By | Category: Automotive Reviews

Lets talk about middle aged men, your 35 maybe 40, you got a bit of spare cash in the bank and you want to buy a big sports motorbike because when you wee 17 your mum an dad dint allow you to have one.

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In this clip we gong to talk about one of the maintenance items involved in major tune-up. Break fluid, which is vital to the operation of the breaking.
It runs on Hydrogen and exhausts H2o. The Honda  FCX Clarity is a four door saloon electric car that runs on Hydrogen instead of petrol and produces water as ...
This is the BMW X3, like the X5 it handles beautifully but unlike the X% you sit fairly low down, in short that means you can't be above other motorists ...
We begin with the BMW 760Li or rather BMW move over for a person because it is the biggest and the most powerful car BMW have ever made.
This is what it's come up with, designed and built by some men we have never herd of on an  industrial state in Lester. It's called the M600
Basic Car Tune-Up : Top up your car
Honda Clarity
BMW 760Li vs Mercedes S63 AMG
Noble M600 2010


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  1. If you really want to get the thrill of what Super / Hyper cars are all about….at an affordable price…then the Atom will be the best candidate. By looking at the car, the adrenaline kicks in and your ready to become a petrol head!


    The Editor Reply:

    Hi Andy,
    That is so true…the Atom is a very exciting car, the adrenaline rush one gets cannot be fathomed.


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