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Sell your New or Used Car Easily Anywhere in Kenya

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Why should I sell my car through KenyaCarBazaar? has been selling cars online for over 3 years with amazing results and that is why many used car advertisers come back again and again. So if your question is "Where do I sell my car?", then look at it this way, if you are unsuccessfully selling your car elsewhere, it can cost you a lot of money in repeat advertising, but with, its cost effective and results oriented.

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    Exposure - Sell online with colour photos of your car and unlimited description.
  • Higher ROI - We guarantee a cost-effective marketing strategy that is measurable.
  • Global Coverage - Your advert is accessible to everyone looking for cars in Kenya online.
  • Focus Shoppers - 80% of the visitors to are focused on shopping for cars.
  • Focused Marketing - Our marketing efforts ensure we only reach the right people and decision makers.
  • Volume - attracts about 20 thousand shoppers every month, more than any other auto classifieds website.

How do I sell my car through KenyaCarBazaar?

Throughout Kenya, we have the highest quality car buyers on the Internet. Plus, we have the best new and used car adverts at the lowest price. When listing your car with, you will receive full use of our finance and customer service staff. Our team will be working with buyers from the begining qualifying process all the way to the purchase.

Simply create a personal account with us and then place your car advert. After placing your car advert, confirm the details and your advert goes live.

  • Get both local and international coverage for FREE
  • It only takes a few minutes to place your car advert
  • Get your advert seen by over 5000 shoppers a day
  • Upload upto 5 images of your car with full description
  • Decide what to say in your advert to entice buyers
  • Login at any time to amend your advert and images
  • Get your car advertised on the fastest growing car sales
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    site in Kenya.

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If you have any queries about placing an advert, don't hesitate to call our customer service line on +254-20-201-818-1, or you can simply send us an email from our contacts page.
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