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Whether you are in the market to buy a new or pre-owned car, import a car or simply trying to find the right loan payment, let help you with various car buying tools.

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Car insurance
Shop at and get your car insurance quote delivered to you online today.
Car insurance
Simply type in the loan information, including the price of the car, interest rate, and the term of the loan then let the calculator estimate your monthly car repayments.
Car insurance
Order for a KRA report on the car you are interested in. The first step to protecting yourself against buying used cars with outstanding charges.
Shop our Accessories page for all of your car needs. Our partners have great deals on all types of auto accessories to make your car look hot and unique.
Car insurance
Let and our partners help you find and compare the best rates to fit your budget for your car.
Car insurance
Ever thought about importing your own car and having it shipped straight to you? Find out how we can help you save on your next car purchase.
Car insurance
At you can get an estimate of any car you are interested in purchasing to assist you in the shopping process.
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Having trouble finding what you're looking for? You can email our support team through our contacts page or call us on: +254-020-201-818-1.


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Browse our online features to optimize your search.'s Car Buying Tools are your all-in-one solution for finding more information on our online features, making your new or used car buying experience simple. Browse all our online features to find the resources you need to optimize your car search.

Buying a new or used car is no easy task, but with you're armed with all the right tools. is ready to make you a smart car shopper. Research how much your next new or used car may cost with the Payment Calculator. Compare the best interest rates for your new or used car loan and get the best coverage on car insurance. is even ready to ship your new or used vehicle to you with its partnered auto shipping companies abroad.
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