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Car & Motor Insurance in Kenya

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Finding an auto insurance provider you can trust can be a difficult task. But with, you are sure to find a car insurance to fit your needs and budget. Save money and time by getting an online auto insurance quote from the trustworthy insurance companies that are partnered with Get your car insurance quote online today via email or call us for the new, quick and easy way to get your car insurance in Kenya.

Car Insurance Tips
Avoiding these car insurance mistakes can help you pick the right type of insurance coverage...
Even minor car accidents can create confusion about how to react and what to do immediately following an accident...
Though many factors are considered when pricing insurance policies...
Follow these tips to read and understand your policy faster...
Do you truly understand the different parts of your insurance policy?
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Learn more about the benefits of applying through us

  • Instant Quotes on this Website
  • Convenient Delivery service*
  • Free Claims Assistance
  • Optional Personal Effects Cover
  • Pay Premiums in Installments*
  • Fast, Friendly Service
  • Optional Breakdown Cover
  • No Claims Discount*

Our other services include:

  • K.R.A. certificate processing in 3 days.
  • Deliveries of certificate to location required or to their offices.
  • We may maintain records of other renewable items e.g., Local Authority Licenses, etc.
  • We may offer services for their renewal at their respective issuing Authorities.
  • Log book follow up services at Registrar of Motor Vehicle Department.
  • Transfer of car ownership through K.R.A.
  • K.R.A. car search results.
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