The Four Ds on the X6


When I grow up I want to have money that will enable me buy a car and not just any car. It has graced the roads of Nairobi since the beginning of the year, gracefully and elegantly moving across the city from one place to another, truth is you will only find it lurkingin uptown Nairobi and the highways, very rare, but their numbers are growing.

Here we have some of  the detail presentation of the BMW X6 Coupe. From the robustly good looking exterior and interior design to the smooth operator detailing, of-course, the Four Ds.


Exterior Design: This vehicle oozes elegance when viewed from the side and not only that, its wedged shaped body gives it a sporty look too. The wheel arches that are bended to perfection emphasize its power and breath, giving it a masculine touch.

Interior Design: The interior provides a wide range of quality craftsmanship. The door panel and the dashboard,are fitted with leather and special padding to enhance harptic quality. Basically your sense of touch is stimulated positively.

Dynamic Stability Control

The X6 has a Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) , this is meant to stabilize the vehicle when driving under wet conditions that might cause the car to drift uncontrollably. This  applies the braking system to individual wheels causing it to be stable in a matter of milliseconds.

Double Wish Bone

It has a double wish bone , yes, wish bone that enhances comfort and reduces vibrations to the steering wheel hence reducing under steer.

Driver Assistant System

The X6 has cameras fitted near the interior mirror that helps keep the driver on check when it comes to the speed limits in on the roads, at all times. These cameras are able  to spot all the speed limit signs on the roads as well as responding to signs indicating a 60km/h speed in wet areas. It also has a Head-Up Display that is projected onto the windscreen by a unit on the dash board. The height of the display can even be adjusted so that information is always projected in the driver’s optimal field of vision. Information can be read faster, and the driver’s attention is never distracted from the road ahead.

God made man, man made cars, man made cars for men, BMW made driving their cars enjoyable.

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