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Turbine-Powered Batmobile Offered For Sale On eBay 

Remember Casey Putsch’s Batmobile reproduction? Well, he’s decided to offer the car for sale on eBay, complete with its 385-horespower Boeing turboshaft engine, for a staggering $620,000. As previously reported, the car is equipped with an iPod-compatible sound system and includes an dash mounted iPad which functions as an avionics system and GPS navigator. If you have that much disposable income (you lucky bastard), you can buy it here.


If you missed out on the article, here it is:

Man Builds a Turbine-Powered Batmobile With iPad Display

Casey Putsch knows a thing or two about cars. His company, Putsch Racing designs, restores and appraises them daily. So if anyone could make an actual turbine-powered Batmobile, it would be him.

Indeed, Putsch went all out on his Burton-era Batmobile, outfitting it with a 385-horespower Boeing turboshaft engine lifted from a naval drone helicopter that can run on jet fuel, kerosene or diesel. Despite being 20-feet long and 7.5-feet wide, the Batmobile is completely street legal.

He also made the sound system iPod-compatible and added an iPad to his dash to function as an avionics system and GPS navigator.

Check out the video after the break and learn why Putsch’s batsuit had better include a set of earplugs.

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