BMW 8 Series

Dec 20th, 2011 | By | Category: General Information

Having just launched the 6-Series Gran Coupe, maybe BMW will complete all possible niches with a new 8-Series? BMW’s 6-Series Coupe is the Bavarian’s latest flagship, but having seen it, how many of you thought that the 8-Series, their true flagship two-door, should be resurrected? Well it seems at least one, and it just so happens to be an industrial designer. Ismet Cevik has come up with some great renderings of his vision of what a new 8-Series Coupe should look like. Explaining his ideas behind the design he said: “It’s actually a real rival to the Mercedes CL. ”Because I think the 6-Series is not a full comparison to the CL-Class. I went a bit further from a CL, and also included Rolls-Royce and Bentley influences. It is definitely a 90′s legend 8-Series. High class, business, luxury and supersport. Created to be new legend for BMW. “From your mouth, Ismet, to BMW’s ears. 

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