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How much can you afford to spend?

You may have your eye on a model you saw on telly or even the features you would like on your car but you must first face reality. What is your budget  like. The first step in buying a car should be to estimate what price range you can afford. To do this you need two pieces of information:

  • Down payment: How much money can you pay up front in cash, with a trade-in, or both?
  • Monthly Payment: If you plan to borrow money, what is the maximum payment you can afford every month?

The above information is crucial along with the typical interest rates, the interest rates information can be gotten from your bank.

You may have the model and the features in mind

  • Calculate what 36 percent of your gross monthly income is.
  • Itemize and total all your monthly payments, including your mortgage or rent, credit card bills, and other installment loans.
  • Subtract the total of your monthly payments from the 36 percent figure.

What kind of car do you need

A coupe, convertible, luxury sedan, SUV, Wagon, Sots car, Minivans, Trucks name them. You need to know the type of vehicle you want based on your every day life.

Narrow your vehicle type

Find a model that best suits your needs. Figure out how  many people you are carrying in it. Anyone who has owned a two-door coupes will tell you that rear-seat passengers don’t appreciate having to bend and twist just to get into a cramped and confined seating area. And folding the front seat forward so you can load groceries or secure a child safety seat in the back seat gets old fast.

How much cargo do you carry,What type of driving experience do you prefer, If your a person who wants to feel the road and scene every aspect of the driving experience then you should put that down on the list of things you want your car to do for you. These parts will probably be high priority. also think of the transmission, is performance /fuel economy important to you, how much traction do you need the vehicle to have.

Pick the right mode

By now, you know your price range and the type of vehicle that interests you. Now, it’s time to narrow the candidates to a few promising models that are worth spending the time to test drive.

To do this, gather as much information as you can about each vehicle so you can compare them in several important areas, such as driving experience, reliability, fuel economy, safety, features, and owner experiences.

Model Reviews

Read vehicle reviews from sources you trust. Good reviews can give you information on the car’s handling, acceleration breaks, basically the vehicles character. Reviews can also give deficiencies that you may not know since a test drive was done and you were not the one doing the test drive. Different sources give different points of view, viewing a couple is recommended.

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