Gallons of petrol lost as pipeline bursts

Jul 29th, 2011 | By | Category: Media Release


Kenya Pipeline Company lost thousands of litres of petrol when the underground oil pipeline burst at Mariakani on Thursday.

The spill went undetected for hours as it spilled gallons of refined petrol without any emergency intervention.

The oil carpeted a large area and residents neighbouring the scene rushed to fetch the commodity.

Mwavumbo residents as well as boda-boda operators had a field day scooping the spilled oil before a firefighter from KPC came to the scene.

Residents living near the scene of the spill said they noticed a strange oduor in the air at about 9am.

“This is extremely harmful,” said Safari Nzomo who rushed to the scene after smelling petrol.

It is reported that the burst pipe was caused by a grader that is grading the road from Kalalani in Mariakani to Kinango.

Security officers were mobilized and rushed to the scene to avert any crisis.

Officers from KPC also managed to seal the broken pipe reducing the nature of the flow.

The KPC is now hunting down the grader driver who caused the accident.

The incident comes at a time when there is a crisis in the oil sector with prices shooting up.


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