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1966 Ford GT40 -Up for Sale 

 RK Motors Charlotte has a Frame Up Built Superformance GT40 MK II up for sale online. RK Motors of Charlotte has just listed a 1966 Ford Superformance GT40 for sale on their website. The classic American sports car looks just as good as the day it came out almost 50 years ago. This particular GT40 isn’t an original, but it is the closest thing you can get to the real deal. The MK II was built by North Carolinian firm Ed Wayland Company and has roughly 90 percent interchangeable parts with the original Ford sports car. According to RK, the owner put in his own engine as the company which built it was restricted by law to sell it with a complete powertrain. He chose a powerful Roush Performance 427IR engine and coupled it with a RBT ZF six-speed manual gearbox. The rear-mounted engine is capable of putting out 560hp and 540 lb-ft of torque.RK Motors said “This GT40s interior is every bit as nice and authentic as its fiberglass body.” It includes bucket seats that resemble the original car, plenty of leather, 200mph speedometer and black carpet. The classic ford has a black interior which contrasts sweetly with its Sunset Red exterior finish. Pricing for the 1966 Ford Superformance GT40 MK II is set at $130,000.

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