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Audi TT Concept 

After a sketch of an Audi’s rear appeared on a Dutch car site, rumors were sparked of a new Audi TT Concept debuting at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show this month. If true then it appears Audi have borrowed certain styling cues from the R8 and e-tron concept, combining them with shapes from the 2010 Audi Quattro concept; speculation is also rife that the TT is to go further upmarket and rival the Porsche Boxter or Mercedes SLK with a new aluminum-focused architecture and more powerful engine lineup. It’s fair to assume the third-generation TT will retain the front-mounted engine layout with front- and all-wheel-drive configuration, but a new 300hp twin-charged 2.0-liter engine, one of the bigger, more powerful engines in the Audi pipeline, could well power the new sports car. Audi is denying all knowledge of the vehicle, so if the illustration is legitimate, allegedly sourced from an Audi insider, then perhaps it’s of an all-new concept or a production version of the Quattro concept. Either way we’ll find out soon enough. Rendering courtesy of Auto Express.

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