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Car Travel Tips - The Family Road Trip 

Are your family road trips relaxed rides with plenty of breaks? Or do you do car travel like a space capsule, hurtling through vast distances without a stop?

Pace: try to allow enough time for rest stops. Two hours of car time, then a break, makes a good pattern, with young children. “Rush”is a four-letter word!

Pack: a special backpack or bag for each child, with crayons, books, toys, activity sets, stickers, handheld games- including some new wrapped surprises for little kids. (But don’t give out all the loot at once!)

Print out some simple games to play in the car, like connect the dots and tick tack toe.

Pint-sized board-games: can be fun. Clue, Sorry, and Trouble are oldies but goodies. And a tray- or “travel desk” suspended from the back of the front seat- is handy, for any activity.

Potties: it’s worth bringing a training pottie, if your child has need-to-go-NOW emergencies.

Pedal-to-the-metal: if you really need to hurtle from point A to B, use a DVD player or laptop, and turn your vehicle into the Cinema on the Highway.

Sleepy Time: kids fall asleep easily in the car, and a snooze can be a great way to let the miles fly by. Just be sure to allow lots of wakie-wakie time. Rousing a child from deep sleep because “we’re there now” is tough.

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