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Styling Kit for Range Rover Evoque 

White with red/black interior is just one of many color combinations Revere London can apply to the Evoque. British tuner Revere London has released their styling kit for the Range Rover Evoque, a car that is quickly becoming the aftermarket car of choice. As always, there’s a comprehensive set of tailoring options for every area of the car starting with the luxury 22-inch aluminum or alloy wheels available in over 100 colors. Other exterior upgrades include a color-matched front grille with a choice of stainless steel, black coated or heavy gauge woven mesh and a large vinyl air duct surround. Chrome, black or silver Range Rover letters, door entry courtesy puddle lights, and a color coding package to match the original bodywork including lower front bumper, lower door molds, lower rear bumper and wheel arch surrounds are also optional extras. On the inside there’s a glut of bespoke interior and upholstery options, with a large selection of mono and contrast leather color combinations for the seats with a bespoke logo or design embroidered on the headrest, Alcantata, leather or nylon roof re-trim, and a host of other customized details from the center dash to the steering wheel.

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