How To Buy A Car In Kenya. Steps To Follow


After we get our first job, the first big purchase that rings in our heads is buying our first car. At that stage we don’t know the process to follow when trying to acquire our first vehicle.

Here is a rough idea of the various steps and procedures you need to undertake.

  1. When buying from a private seller, you should obtain a copy of the logbook from the owner. This shows proof of ownership.
  2. Head down to KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) and do a vehicle search at a small fee. This will show you if the duty has been paid in full, the correct ownership and also to see if the car has been stolen or used for any illegal things.
  3. Write and Agreement of Sale contract where you, the owner and a witness should sign.
  4. The best form of payment is through a banker’s cheque since you get a receipt.
  5. Get a copy of the previous owner’s PIN number plus a copy of his ID card.
  6. Go and fill the Log Book Transfer Form
  7. Head to KRA so to register the changes on the logbook
  8. Pay the Purchase Tax and Transfer Fee there at KRA
  9. Now get your own car insurance.                                                                                                                                  SOURCE ; Naibuzz