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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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How to get a car loan in 9 steps

how to get a car loanMaskot/Getty Images Start by setting your budget and checking your credit score to avoid any surprises....

Toyota Kenya sued for breaking rate ceiling in car loans

Toyota Kenya has been sued for offering loans for purchase of cars above the legal cap on commercial lending rates.

Toyota Kenya targets insurance brokers with car loans

• Through the partnership, insurance brokers will enjoy a competitive loan facility while purchasing vehicles. • The partnership financing...

We want car grants, not car loans: MCAs push for ‘honourable’...

MCAs have intensified their push for financial autonomy and better terms of service to include a pension scheme for those who complete...

Members of Parliament seeks Sh8bn for cars and offices

The Parliamentary Service Commission is seeking an additional Sh8.3 billion to cater for mortgage, car loans, and constituency and county offices for MPs, among...

Things to Consider before taking a loan for a new car

Financing with a loan is not only reserved for those who have limited funds to buy a new car.

Negotiate More Than The Selling Price

One of the biggest mistakes car buyers make is to pay attention to only the selling price.

Pros & Cons of Buying a Used Car

Not sure where to start when buying a used car? This guide provides essential information needed when buying a used car with...