Monday, October 26, 2020
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Probe Launched Into Cartels In NTSA Frustrating Matatu Operators In Nairobi

Transport committee Nairobi County assembly has  launched an investigation into cartel ring alleged to be using top officials at the National Transport...

Bus hailing services a threat to cartels in matatu industry

There is a saying that ‘the only constant in life is change’. Bus hailing apps like Swvl and Little...

Matatu owners oppose new NTSA move

Owners of public service vehicles have accused the transport regulator of failing to renew the licences of 14-seater matatus, vowing not to get them...

Matatu operators association wants sellers of ‘fake’ speed governors arrested

A section of matatu operators have vowed not to fit new upgraded speed governors on their vehicles unless they are compensated by the government. The...

How cartels, impunity reign on Nairobi roads

For several years now, Kenya’s public service transport sector has been chaotic more often characterized by breach of the highway code, overlapping, obstruction of...

City Hall Should Rid Nairobi Of Parking Cartels Quickly

A crackdown by City Hall on a cartel involving its parking attendants and motorists last week revealed the extent to which it was losing...