Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Speed limits, driving license mulled for scooter drivers

The Transport and Infrastructure Ministry took concrete steps on Sunday for setting the standards for micro-mobility systems, including electronic bicycles and scooters.

Linturi, Aukot in battle over Sh2bn NTSA cash

A web of companies associated with Meru Senator Mithika Linturi and former presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot are locked in a battle for...

Don’t imperil personal data protection

It has become commonplace that governments are finding themselves in a national security bubble that bears striking similarities to the “dot com...

NTSA: Carrying a driving license is not a must

Carrying a DL in Kenya: It is no longer mandatory for licensed drivers to carry their physical driving licenses. This follows a statement by...

NTSA wants traffic police to stop demanding physical driving license from...

- NTSA argued producing a license is not the only way a police officer can find out if a driver is licensed - The Authority...

Why Kenya’s Much Awaited Smart Driver’s Licence May Suffer a Still-birth

Lets face it, this is not the first time however the government has tried to digitize the notorious transport sector and failed miserably. Kenyan motorists...

Kenya Amended Traffic Act

Under the new laws, all drivers of public service vehicles and commercial ones will be required to undergo physical fitness, eye and hearing testing...

Thousands of drivers to lose there Driving Licences

Tens of thousands of Kenyan drivers are set to lose their driving licences once the Government effects the mandatory re-testing starting next year. The...