Kenya: Builders Start Assembling the Likoni Floating Bridge


Offshore assembling of the Likoni floating bridge has begun after a ship with 70 steel tubular piles arrived in Mombasa over the weekend.

Yesterday, a piling barge moved to the site where assembling is being done before the installation at the Liwatoni and Peleleza embankments.

China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) engineer Roanal Liao said filling of the first embankment at Liwatoni on the island side is complete and they will be moving to the Peleleza side on the mainland side.

“Part of the bridge structure is in Mombasa and pile testing has started which will be followed by pile driving into the ocean which will take a minimum of 25 days. The barge is already on site. We are within schedule and hope to complete it within this year as planned,” said Mr Liao.

He said the remaining structures including the main bridge will arrive in the country next month for fitting which will be the last stage of assembly.

“The bridge will last seven years before any part of it can be replaced. CRBC is expected to mobilise a floating crane to mount the superstructure into place once the bridge and steel truss arrive in Mombasa next month,” said Mr Liao.

Ship ferrying steel piles of the ongoing Likoni floating bridge is set to dock in Mombasa in the next few days for assembling and installation.

The project will be a relief to more than 300,000 people who use the Likoni crossing channel on a daily basis.

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