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Kenya bans the importation of used car spare parts

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), in a notice that was sent out to pre-shipment cargo inspectors, has set out 17 categories...

What July ban on used cars beyond five years means

Kenya Bureau of Standards and the motor vehicle industry stakeholders are continuing with conversations around the age limit of imported used...

Stalled by a flooded market Chinese automakers pursue Africa ambitions

Chinese car makers have struggled to break into international markets against fierce competition from existing players. Now, many are trying to make a go...

Consumer demand doesn’t let countries ban import of cheap used cars

Countries across Africa, South Asia and Latin America are waking up to the repercussions of used vehicles and are setting up import barriers to...

Kenya: Vehicles Stuck at Port After NTSA Registration System Breaks Down

More than 1,000 imported vehicles are lying at Mombasa port following the breakdown of a vital National Transport and Safety Authority system. The collapse of...

How to Calculate Import Duty for Cars in Kenya

Over the past we have had many inquiries about how duty is calculated. People find this confusing and hard to understand, so in this...

Interpol sweeps local roads for stolen cars

Agents from Interpol have carried out an operation in which dozens of expensive cars stolen in Europe were recovered. The operation, which ended on Thursday, was prompted by information that Kenya and other countries in the region are increasingly becoming the market for four-wheel vehicles stolen by an international criminal ring from as far as the United Kingdom.

Taxman locks horns with Kebs over used car imports

The taxman is losing millions of shillings in a racket involving the sale of second hand cars illegally imported with the support of the Kenya Bureau of Standards. The cars, whose volumes have risen to more than 800 units annually, are aged above the eight-year legal limit allowed for used cars..

Kenya Car Importation FAQs – KRA

Are you looking into importing your own car? Well here are some of the major Q&As for car importation