Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Ban on used vehicle spares specific, Kebs clarifies

• There is nothing new in the directive, it has been in place since 2014. • Trade CS Peter...

Senators oppose ban on used vehicle spare parts

Senators have criticised Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) recent ban on importation of used motor vehicle parts in the wake of protests...

Kenya bans the importation of used car spare parts

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), in a notice that was sent out to pre-shipment cargo inspectors, has set out 17 categories...

Cost of second-hand cars set to rise

Kenyan buyers of second-hand vehicles will soon have to pay much more, with the looming cut in the maximum age of imported units to...

State agencies have failed to implement PSV body standards

The death of 56 people in a horrific accident in Londiani yesterday has put the National Transport and Safety Authority and the Kenya Bureau...

Kenya Bans Importation of Used Cars Older Than 2011

Importers of second-hand motor vehicles will no longer have a three-month grace period after the expiry of the deadline set by Kenya Bureau of...

Kenya Bureau of Standards shopping around for new firm

[youtube] Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) is shopping around for a new firm to pre-inspect imported second-hand motor vehicles. Through a notice published in the...

KEBS bans importation of used Australian cars from Dubai to Kenya

Kebs has banned the importation of used Australian cars from Dubai citing lack of de-registration certificates. In a statement on Tuesday, Kenya Bureau of Standards...

How to know if your car’s Mileage has been tampered with

Many car importers and local dealerships including individual sellers tamper with odometer readings when they want to make more money selling a used car....


Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has set May 2017 as the deadline for all Passenger Service Vehicles (PSV) to adhere to new body construction...

Showdown between Kenya Bureau of Standards, Japanese inspection firm threatens car...

Importers of second hand cars in Kenya face millions of shillings in losses due to a dispute between the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)...

Fewer Vehicles Registered in Four Months to April 2014

New vehicle registrations decreased in the first four months of the year, largely occasioned by fewer imports mostly of motor cycles and few other...

Importers claim 4,000 vehicles disappeared from Mombasa port

Importers of used motor vehicles have expressed fear that their vehicles impounded at various private Container Freight Stations (CFSs) in Mombasa after being declared...

KEBs defends move to destroy 2,000 cars stuck at Mombasa Port

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has defended its decision to destroy over 2,000 cars worth Sh4 billion being detained at the port of...

32 cars ‘missing from inspection firm’s database’

Inspection certificates for 32 cars were not in the database of a firm contracted to inspect imported vehicles on behalf of the bureau of standards

Former Minister ‘also allowed in old cars’

According to the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) import orders, importation of vehicles over the age of eight years is not allowed.